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Friday, June 19, 2015

Grass is Greener?

"The grass is greener on one side, and meaner on the other..."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Joke

What do you call a mummy that is upset?

Wound up

Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's Dawn-Ugh Morning

"It's mourning..."

A time for mourning since it's morning time- gotta get up.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hard Times

Voting for mere dopes
Jobless and lost
Broke with dashed hopes
From the unending cost

The cost compromising our coming days
Extinguishing the bright
Fulfilling beacon of rays

That sheds light
On what has stayed on cue
All this time it does fight
To remain steadfast true

And it is Cold

As the month draws to an end
I am told
The weather does bend
Towards being cold

There is sleet
I am told
That does beat
Rather very bold

On our dear feet
I do suppose
I am told
Causes us to froze

Running Against the Wind

The terrifying gust
Pulls back my hair
I do adjust
With a sudden care

I tear across the field
In such a rush
I do not yield
As I feel the brush

Of the biting wind
Taking its toll on my face
Scathing, and seeking to bend
My will as I race

Play House

Built with joy
There are beams
A roof, stairs for a boy
Who still dreams

Of a house where he can play
Spend time alone and think
Throughout the entire day
As the sun does sink

Being There

A time shared
In which we found
That we cared
And we're bound

To be a pair
Through our lives
To be there
When each one dives

Into either sorrow
Or rather while
Holding off for tomorrow
For our faces to smile

Death at a Glance

As we do lay
Down as such dust
That is in a way
Swept away by a gust

In time our bodies fade
In a earthly due date
We are indeed made
To be one in state

With the Maker who loves us all
Who formed us out of clay
That we would not befall
And rue the day

Of when we die
And leave this place
In order to lie
And rest one's weary face

Trying to Forget Being in a Mess

A slow glance
Had my heart
In a trance
And ready
To dance

I went to the floor
Suddenly feeling the urge
To move as if never before
In order to purge

My mind of a certain thought
That has me in a press
A certain bind into being bought
And absorbed in a mess

Wallowing in Sorrow

Stay away from me
I'm feeling repressed
That is for sure
Making me depressed

I feel shut in
And ready to burst
I'm ready to explode
And be at my worst

I neglect taking care of myself
I bitterly weep
As I gaze out at the world
Figuring I'm in too deep

At Peace As To What Is To Come

The dreadful day
That is coming near
And what may
Cause to bring fear

But I have hope
That dwells in my heart
Even though I mope
At what does impart

I find peace
In our God
Who does not cease
To seek and prod

To hear my plea
And ease my mind
Every worry does flee
I do so find

A Joyful Time For Each Boy This Holiday Season

Tis the season
Filled with joy
Is the reason
For each boy

To be merry
And be glad
That things are very
Dearly rad

Not Making the Same Mistake

Going for a ride
Being at rest
Side by side
Choosing what's best

The route to take
To fulfill our need
And not to make
The same deed

That before
Was no good
And therefore
Has stood

The test of time
And is found
To be a crime
On solid ground

Ending a Terrible Day

To bury one's head
Crying and weeping
In one's bed
Too wired for sleeping

Contemplating the awful day
The events that made one wept
Feeling all that may
Have occurred in time be kept

The memories will not fade
They will be close to the heart
Filling the void made
And to never part

Annoyingly Outspoken

The outspoken sex
Is met with a glare
Often viewed as a vex
By those near share

Others do wish it would cease
The outspoken lines
To bring some peace
So they give signs

Changing the chatter
To a different point of view
Of a certain matter
That came out of the blue

The Powerful One

He does tower
Over those he has met
With overwhelming power
He causes those to fret

A striking force
To be heard
Is the course
Of his word

He is strong
And does right
Commits no wrong
Full of endless light

Self-Proclaimed Ideal Realist

"Ideal Realist-one who has high ideals while recognizing or acknowledging the limitations of those same ideals."

Ideal Realist

"Ideal Realist-one who has high ideals while recognizing or acknowledging the limitations of those same ideals."

On the Way Out of a Club

The music plays
I'm in a trance
As my body sways
While I do prance

I move to the beat
And enjoy the sound
As I tread on the ground

I do slide
Across the floor
And gently glide
Heading to the door